Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday lesson #1, cheesy morning

He is the nicest. I am sitting on the floor (despite all the cushioned options) wiggling my toes and typing away. This is Friday, husband is cleaning up my many dishes and I am sort of refusing to get out of my pajamas while considering attending a yoga class this afternoon. I can do yoga clothes, as long as I don't have to really commit, jeans are out of the question.
I was not a clean cook this morning. But if you are pitying "the help" turning his hands to prunes, you needn't worry. Today's lesson was homemade peach cream cheese (take that Philadelphia), homemade mozzarella, fresh butter and buttermilk. All of which originated from the same, unique, local raw milk source.

I am worried I am posting the typical cliche late summer harvest posting of a Caprese salad, but I promise it isn't. and so what if it is. There is a reason that each year we come back to this, the seasonal praising of those large unique heirlooms, pink, yellow, and rich red. Classics are and remain classics for a reason, and even more exciting this year I made the mozzarella from scratch.
check it out
First I woke up in such an excitement for lesson Friday, I usually hate mornings. I don't like to talk, be talked to, hear anything except maybe birds. It takes a few hours for me to defrost. But this morning was like Christmas I immediately skipped past all that cranky and launched straight into elated. The night before I wrapped my cream cheese in cloth and hung it up to press out the liquid. This cheese has been culturing on our counter for three days, It felt like I had a pet at home. During work I would think, "Should I have someone stop by and check on it"
Oh all so new and exciting.
So this morning I whipped up the cheese with a soft peach a bit of maple syrup and enjoyed a slather on some Popeye Pancakes (German Pancakes). I die. so good. more sour than the traditional kind. but perfect with a bit of honey as well.
Second lesson and task of the morning, Mozzarella. Definitely a bit more confusing for the first time, but very rewarding, check it out.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                Here I am burning my fingers in the water stretching out the cheese hunching over my computer scouring the instructions for something I might be missing. Moments after this I screamed out,
 "Jer! Get the camera. It is working!"
I know I know, why am I stretching mozzarella outside. Well the lighting was better. So in the middle of burning my fingers off we dashed outside to take pics. 
The cheese turned out great, and I have such a new appreciation of cheese. We seem to take for granted the things we get so quickly and easily in our modern life. This also made me want to search out some local artisans, those people who really love and care about their craft. Perhaps I will become one of those. 

After my mess making, we popped two thick slices of tomato with a bit of cheese under the broil for just a minute, finished it with fruity olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and basil. Plated it up on my new plate I got from anthro.  check out the lizard graphic that was hiding under the tomatoes, he came out after a few bites.
Thinking of making lesson Friday a regular part of my week. I like the thought of finally getting around to all those skills I would like to learn that I have been mentioning over and over.
I may or may not post about lesson Friday. I pretty much give myself permission to change my mind.
Does anyone out there have cheese skills they would like to share with this newbie?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

bare footing it

my favorite photo of husband, taken by Dustin Butcher 
I am surprised no one said anything. Running down out of the trail with naked tops our shirts tied together in a make shift shoe cover for Jeremy. We sort of looked like we were coming down out of a really wild adventure lost in the woods, not just a short 4 mile run on the trail that runs right by the town.
My husband gets these fantastical ideas that he is some sort of half man half furry creature. Also inspired by his reading of Born to Run and the barefoot runners he decided on this particular morning that he was going to run completely barefoot.
The last year or so we have been running off and on in the vibram five fingers but a combination of mountain creature fantasies and his reading got him and me into this shirtless scenario.

The first part of the run wasn't so bad - paved for a little bit, then into a fairly well packed dirt trail. We ran up the dirt trail passing one runner who shouted out,
"wow, now the vibrams I can understand but totally barefoot that is so bad ass"

"Oh great," I thought, "don't encourage him."  Next thing I know he is going to move us into the woods to hunt and kill wild animals with our bare hands gnarling into the flesh with the beautiful canines that both our parents spent some good modern dental care to perfect.

So we continued up the mountain, running our usual dirt path looping up and curving around ready to come down when the trail turned a bit too rocky for my barefooted man. He also had a bleeding toe from an accidental stubbing. So we stripped down and wrapped our shirts around his feet to make a little padding and coverage for the rest of the run. We really only had less than a quarter mile before the trail hit pavement again and I could get my dirty shirt back.
So here we are, one grown man in short shorts, shirtless, with one red shirt wrapped foot and one blue wrapped foot sort of running, really kinda just hobbling. And his curvy partner in a bra and running shorts that cinch a bit too well, creating a fleshy tire around the mid section that usually can be covered with a shirt.  I am not really the type that should be running through town in a sports bra, definitely too much movement with the girls no matter how tight and restricting my sports bra is.

Maybe this is why no one commented on us two as we ran down out of the mountain, pasty, soft and all that bouncing around might be too alarming for words on a serene morning. We did pass a few morning hikers who acted like this was completely normal for a Thursday morning giving us the typical polite hellos, beautiful morning and such.
We eventually made it home, all toes included, to quickly shower and get out the door to join the shoe wearing world for a day of study and work.
As I sit here tonight folding our fresh laundry, those shirts included, I can't help but smile and glance up at the creature reading on the couch and get excited for what may be next.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Graffiato Review


I am sitting in my workout clothes, shoes on, i pod in hand, water bottle ready and dreaming of the moment when I was devouring a nutella chocolate cookie at Graffiato, Mike Isabella's new digs in D.C
Word is his wife makes them and he brings them in all adorable style in the mornings. I picture a basket, but I am sure they have something more efficient.  Got me thinking... Rather than opening a place maybe I have a future in sourcing some sort of edible to a local restaurant.

 I loved the look of the place, clean, simple, woodsy but with modern metals. Small dishes Italian style, not pretentious just good. I loved the desert like plant in a tin can. simple detail.

The bread isn't included, and I wouldn't order it again. Good but you know it is bread. Must order the gnocchi, this gnocchi ruined any other experience I may have with gnocchi ever again. It was light and cloud like. Usually gnocchi is good because it is paired with a creamy great sauce, but even then it just ends up being way too heavy. This gnocchi was the tops.
Also order the chicken thigh with the oh so famous seen on Top Chef sauce that Gail Simmons was all giggly about. She was right.

Make sure to share the cookies and order the off the menu "secret" dessert zeppoles. A fluffy donut ball rolled in sugar that is good but not as good as the special feeling you get ordering off the secret menu. Really quite genius adding this element to a restaurant, the average eater like me can feel like bff's with a Top Chef.

does this look like an inappropriate relationship to a cookie or what. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

this is my journal

I am the worst person to share ice cream with. I treasure out all the good chunks of brownie or cookie dough and leave just a swarm of cream. But this guy totally shares with me. and doesn't complain.

This was at big brothers wedding, it was beautiful, packed full, and went by so fast. I only have around two weeks left in this sticky city. I don't mean sticky as a judgment it really is just sticky. I find relief in ice cream. and spending a relaxing day pajama clad doing four loads of laundry watching inappropriate amounts of Dexter. I keep waiting for Dexter to jump out behind my closet with a syringe to stick into my neck but I don't really fit his profile of victims so I should be safe. My week tends to go like this- day out touring about, day in pretending I am busy. Is it creepy I have a crush on a tv character serial killer?

I have enjoyed the break but am really excited to get back to work. My tear ducts have been strangely loose the last few weeks, maybe the progesterone shot I had to get (which didn't work). I cried during a cooking show when the contestant got a good critique from the judge. Yesterday I started crying at the Smithsonian Imax about orphaned baby elephants and baby orangutans. And then on the metro coming home I cried to my husband and shouted out, "I miss Cafe Gratitude". I am sure he misses my job just as much as I do seeing how sane it keeps me. I miss a good sit down with my family at Cafe G.
the creepy part is most tearful moments end with a hearty chuckle because I am so alarmed by the tears.

what am I doing tomorrow? It is going to be 100 degrees. I will search out the cool in one of the many museums in this fabulous city (feeling bad for calling it sticky). I recently checked out at the Smithsonian a shiny diamond and blue stone clad diadem that Napoleon gave his first wife. Check it, I have been fantasizing about wearing it about, wearing it while I search recipes online in my over sized stained t-shirt, while I brush my teeth, talking on the phone. Remarking to my neighbors while on the elevator "oh this silly thing..." might I add this adoration of the gems is coming from a girl who barely gets a bra on by 4pm. 
 I am a master of the day dream. 
It may be hindering my focus.
Confession: my favorite parts of my educational summer has been seeing the diamonds and stones at the natural history museum and the first lady dresses at the american history museum. Especially Michelle Obama's  white Inaugural ball gown designed by Jason Wu, they even included the Jimmy Choo shoes she wore.  Don't worry my loose tear ducts were moved by this as well. 

 How is my training I ask myself?  oh crap. I am scared I am going to end up like some large squishy dork among all the skinny triathletes. Really though who cares about that, can I survive and finish in a less than embarrassing time... Husband is tired of having this conversation where I whine and he feels like he has to tell me I am crazy.  
i don't blame him. It is unattractive. and boring.
about 8 weeks..
 tonight I Googled pot roast, i know what it is, but I don't really know what it is. I got a really great diagram of a cow and where parts come from. I find it fascinating. 
Did i say we have this really silly distant dream of being farmers. Jeremy has been reading Joel Salatin's book, "The Sheer Ecstasy of Being  a Lunatic Farmer". Now he is all pumped on the idea. 
I think we should start small. 
maybe keeping a potted plant alive. or maybe not moving back and forth every six months....  
just saying.
this is my journal

Friday, June 24, 2011

bored much

 this is the result of a whole lot of time on my hands.

shower, exfoliate, shave, air dry hair, lunch, read, moisturize, makeup, lite blow out, straightener, play with bangs, martha, camera time, a little bit of self talk, and phone convo with mom.
pretty much my skin is going to look great at the end of this summer with all the time I have spent dry brushing and moisturizing.
 this schedule isn't me. I may be loosing it just a little bit.
I took the day off of exercise today. couldn't sleep at all last night. maybe even had a dream that I was in a singing competition against Gwyneth Paltrow. she won.

the rain here is strange, it doesn't do what rain is supposed to do. rather than shower the summer air and cool off the sidewalks it sorta just makes everything sticky as if the dryer didn't fully finish it's cycle and we are all just proceeding with the day a bit moist. moist is a gross word.

I made a reservation at Graffiato, Mike Isabella's new restaurant in d.c. Mike was on Top chef and I always kinda liked him. I am really excited because it doesn't seem like it is going to be ultra stuffy or anything, it is more moderate as far as price and a simple menu. We couldn't get in for a few weeks and it was either eat at 530 with the elderly or 1030 with the hipsters, I picked 530.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


whats under all that delicious mess of banana, blueberries, chia seeds, almond butter and jam?
a delicious higher protein oatmeal pancake. I love this recipe because it keeps me full for like 5 hours. I used to love this meal before work because I usually didn't have much time to take for lunch.

so yummy. woke up early with husband today for a run down to Teddy Roosevelt Island, we ran on the trail around the island twice and then back home for around 4.5 miles

when we got back, husband was rushing around trying to get ready for work fast so I made him a quick oatmeal topped  with all the goodness my pancake had. 

i finished his oatmeal with a good drizzle of honey. I have been eating every meal possible on my new plate. I don't think I will grow tired of it, every other plate option in our temporary housing is a bit drab.
I like to glam out my food with a pretty backdrop. 

the run this morning felt really great. I took yesterday a bit easy, I may have been over training myself lately. I just start to get panicked when thinking about the races I have signed up for and tend to go out and over do it on a run or ride. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

birthday, battle with Pro Bar, ingredient love

I am cross legged on the couch watching trashy tv and feeling ridiculously full of Brioche, Macaroons, Panini, and bites of cupcake. not much green in all that.
but hey its birthday day. and it has been really fun. workout in the morning, a trip to the spa, a massage, lunch at Patisserie Poupon and now a afternoon snooze in my P.J's gearing up for dinner tonight.
On my way home from lunch I figured it would be fun to pick up some treats for dessert later tonight but
I couldn't decide what cupcake flavor to get and ended up with five different massive cupcakes from Baked and Wired in Georgetown. It is a shame all our friends are across the country because I have some serious sweets to share.
tonight husband and I are going to 2 Amy's for fancy pizza and then depending on my tummy space gelato and cupcakes back home.
all in all a fun day. I missed my mom and sister today. I thought of some of my favorite birthdays I have had and they usually involve family dates. I am so glad to have Jjana here she has really taken care of us. but I miss my siblings.
happenings lately,

Flowers from our sweet sister Jjana, and a big mixed pot of my homemade raw nut bar spiked with spirulina. My ownership in the kitchen has been threatened lately because husband has been buying these packaged bars called Pro Bar, and he loves them. Which is great except that is my place so I say step off Pro Bar.

I am just impressed with myself for busting these out in this tiny studio apartment kitchen, total broom closet.

I have been on this whole woe is me bit lately, it is really unattractive and I am recognizing it and snapping out of it. Sometimes just creating something and using my hands helps, to be able to make something so pretty and nutritious and for someone else I can't help but be present with the smells, the color and texture. This is why I love cooking so much, especially when it is for someone I love. Cooking has this magical quality to snap me to present moment. If I ever try to cook or create in the kitchen while stuck in some other story or drama it usually doesn't turn out very well. love just tastes better.

this plate is the product of a few tears followed by a walk through Georgetown with husband and a stop in at Anthro. I love how pretty it is
I should cry more often.

Friday, June 3, 2011

lunch, uneven calves, and a sore back

 Lunch today spinach salad
 strawberries, chick peas, cucs, bell peppers, with mustard vinaigrette (is that the right spelling?) and a dollop of Greek yogurt.
yummy and perfect.
it has been a weird week getting settled, i have this constant ache in my upper back and shoulder from the repeated trips I have had to take to the store for random house stuff. anyway each time I go I insist on packing everything into one bag and my purse than I trek it back to the metro holding these crazy heavy bags.
I have had to make these daily treks because we are going car less while here for the summer and it is totally doable but when you have to set up a house with the basics it is a bit of a challenge.
I keep saying this is the last trip this week, but then I discover that we don't have a shower curtain or any toilet paper.
cooking has been kinda like camping, I realize how spoiled I am with all my gadgets and toys back home.
-I just realized that I have this weird side muscle off of my calf on my right leg, it isn't on the left... hmm maybe I run strange. anyway totally spoiled, glad I packed the vita mix not sure what I would do without it.

training has been funny, we have an Olympic tri tomorrow so I have been tapering off this week for that and also because the bikes were in a box and I was just grooving back into life here. but the bikes are back in one piece, I got a new sports bra (that makes me look ever so perky), and I am feeling ready.
my birthday is coming up
I am putting together a rough training plan for the next four weeks, hopefully I will post that soon to keep myself accountable and going. now for stretching out my back for the race tomorrow.
boring post eh?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dear running group

Dear running group-
I bet you miss me, I miss you guys!
I have been in a bit of limbo lately with my training first with packing up, then visiting SLC and fam, and finally D.C training has been a bit scattered but i have been able to get out to run. That is the best part of running  you can just throw your shoes (or feet) on and go. I ran with one of my most very favorite running partners in the whole world, my mom. We ran twice one 5 miler ish and one 4.5 ish, we even got in some strength training at the gym. It felt so good to be running at home with the Wasatch looming lovely and majestic. I also went to one spin class while in Utah which wasn't my favorite class, husband loved it, but it was good to get some sit time on the bike.

Mom and I before our run, isn't she beautiful
We flew in on our anniversary so husband planned a night out in the country at a Bed and breakfast in Virginia. I wrote a bit about it and will post later, so charming. Friday morning we drove to D.C to stay with husbands sister Jjana and her husband Cliff (this is one of those confusing, husband sister uncle neighbor moments). They are super sweet to let us crash in the middle of their busy lives. We will be settling in our apartment next Tuesday ish. Seems like ish is becoming too much a part of my vocab lately, maybe it is because my life is sort of one big ish. we are moving here ish? we are training for races ish, I eat healthy ish (four cookies later), we live in California ish,  I work here ish...

When we got in on Friday to D.C Jjana, husband and I went for a run. They live right in Capital hill area so we ran to the capital ran down the mall to the Washington monument and back. Just like one of those end of the world movies as we were running back a thick dark cloud started to descend over the monuments and the wind began swirling up dust and water from the Washington Monument rushing toward the capital. The clouds were amazingly rich and black moving quickly towards us we started to run faster because we knew we were going to get drenched. In dramatic fashion the wind picked up and a giant branch fell off a tree right onto the sidewalk, no one was hurt but it definitely matched the scene of it all. Then the rain came from all sides hard and fast, we were laughing so hard as we ran back up Independence Ave back to the apartment. By the time we got home we were soaked. So fun, I love the adrenaline matched with running in the rain, feels like a survivor game.
Run- 4 miles? with 50 push ups and some bench dips before the storm scared us off.

Then Saturday morning I thought of my ladies as I ran 9.2 miles around D.C as they were probably running at exactly the same time around our favorite reservoir run in Los Gatos.
My route I ran down Independence Ave to the national mall ran past the capital, the Washington monument, stopped at Lincoln said my thanks, ran left on the path along the water front across the 14th street bridge ran along the water on the Virgina side back across the Memorial Bridge past Lincoln, Washington, Capital and back home.
Best moment on my run was when I stopped at the Lincoln monument for a breather and a old biker guy with a long gray beard, sweet leather jacket (in 85 degrees?) asked me in a gentle voice,
 "are you ok honey?"
 I didn't think I looked that bad and not sure if he wanted to talk about the serious inner leg chaffing I was dealing with only two miles into it all. But hey maybe I should of mentioned it perhaps he rides around on his hog with some Vaseline just in case lonely big legged runners are in need. I just responded,
"oh yeah I am doing great"
Not as sticky and humid as I thought it was going to be. Oh no! i started writing about weather, time to end the post.
inspired by the bikers who are riding in the freedom ride this weekend, I am sporting my half stretch half check out my guns look. but really this photo just makes me think that I need a new sports bra.
oh crap now you are all looking at my  boobs. 

Monday, May 23, 2011

catch up

some of the sweet treats I participated in over the weekend

I am sitting on my carpet in all my mess of packing and cleaning and finding the great distraction in blogging. Also I smell a skunk, our kitchen window is open and we have a skunk friend who has run in's with the local cats. occasionally I will hear a crazy cat noise, a sign of some sort of a animal scuffle.
I ate way too much sweets and processed junk the last few days (ok, maybe weeks) and am super excited at the prospect of reeling it in. I need a serious food makeover. It has been a good day to feel the head ache, the bloat, and the lack of energy. it brings me back to my love of healthy eats.
I would like to set up some goals/game plan for my time in D.C, I don't want a repeat of last summer (china + 10lbs). I also need to get my head on for the travel we have coming up. San Jose to Salt Lake City for three days then to D.C for the summer. blah just feel so crappy.
Oh I almost forgot! We went to Chez Pannise in Berkeley this weekend, oh what a dream. I will have to post all about it- ah mazing.
here we are at chez pannise

Quick Training catch up of the last few days, For Friday I biked to the gym- forty minutes distance ?
got to the gym early so jumped on spin bike for 20 minutes did intervals

1 hour pilates reformer class, and then biked home- the shorter route because of I knew I was running longer on saturday.

Saturday- 12.3 mile run around the reservoir with husband, Jen (birthday girl), and Kathryn. Last running group hurrah before we are D.C bound for the summer. Felt great. my muscles were sore from body pump and this weeks training, but once I warmed up it was good.
Sunday- day off!

after our 30 mile ride on Thursday. i look like a ghost with my SPF 70

Thursday, May 19, 2011

green smoothie

post workout recovery
-coconut water
-frozen banana
-head of romaine
-splash of almond milk
Blend together in your trusty blender

I am totally taking the vita mix with me on the plane to D.C.

todays workout-
- 9am body pump class
-35 minute interval speed work on treadmill
5 minute warm up
1 minute sprint
1 minute recovery
repeat that three times

2 minute sprint
1 minute recovery
repeat that three times

repeat both sets twice.

rested and then road an easy 30 mile bike ride with husband.
long day!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

loser, oven timing, tummy pain, and to do's

love biggest loser so addicting. this group has had insane results and i find myself starting to get competitive with them. sometimes I want there to be a biggest loser ranch for those of us who only have ten pounds to go. or whatever really I just want to go to a place where all i do is workout and play fun obstacle course like games. and maybe throw in a spa treatment here and there.

Cooking tip for the day! never make a dinner where all your dishes revolve around the oven. An obvious right?... you would think after Culinary school, cooking many a dinner for people I wouldn't do this to myself.
I did it tonight, I was cooking dinner for five people not really a large group or a fancy occasion but every time I feed people I just feel this need/urge to make it nice, even though the eaters of this dinner probably had no concept of how good it really was. husband gets it. that is always nice.
I made very healthy dishes a kale salad, roasted sweet potato, tri tip roast (wow I know my first solo beef cooking experience). and chocolate dipped strawberries for dessert.
 but I always tend to overeat, I need to stop getting myself to that uncomfortable point of I am going to burst. It kinda ruins the meal, but i just keep doing it. any solutions universe?

workout today-
6 mile run in the morning with Jen, relaxed run on creek trail. took an hour or something. I didn't pay attention to pace just enjoyed being out with a friend.

Strength- I heart kettle bells! 45 minute circuit.
kettle bell one arm swing, kettle bell wide squat with shoulder raise thing,  pushups, lunges with curls and shoulder press, bicep curls,  up down planks on bosu ball, pull up machine, bench dips, and quad extension machine.
rotated through these exercises with some order. hit most of them for three sets. felt pretty bad ass.

Guess what is still on my to do list...
that is for tomorrow. but hey I haven't missed any workouts.
tomorrow training- sprint/ speed work on treadmill and body pump  in the morning. A long bike ride with husband in the afternoon.

these have been the most boring posts ever and really kinda terrible writing. but there is a sort of liberating feeling that I am not writing for anyone but myself.
p.s going to Chez Panisse for dinner on Friday!!! Anniversary/birthday/  I saved up the money and we are going.
ugh my tummy hurts, that will teach me to overeat on chocolate covered strawberries.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

conscious eater

this was the moment today after my two workouts when I was pushing it on energy, so hungry!
i was craving some of this
seed topped oat and amaranth bread i made a while back for friends

But instead I made salad, lame. If only baked goods made themselves. 

 todays workout
-Planned on a bike ride outside but too rainy so at 10:15 am 1 hour spin class heart rate range 65% to 85% with an average of 75%, tough class I felt strong but wished i could have been outside
- after I met husband at the pool for a swim outside in the cold pool, he forgot his suit so I was on my own. Jumped in noticed a little team or group doing a workout written on a white board. I felt too lazy to create my own practice so I stole theirs. Felt great I love how quiet swimming is, some of the best alone time.
2,200 yards roughly 40 to 45 minutes

I have been reading more lately about Paleo diets, and I hesitate to say the word "diet" because those suck. but really more so a shift or change in what I usually eat.  kinda a major shift actually because of the little detail  around increasing my protein and not eating as much grain. not sure what i think...
The last few years I have been eating a mostly vegetarian/vegan diet. But haven't totally claimed or identified with those labels because who wants to be put in a box. Sometimes I call myself a conscious eater. or maybe a Michael Pollanite if there is such a thing.
With my  recent reading and exploration I have discovered  vegan, raw, paleo whatever it may be all stress real food, whole food sources, staying away from processed food and eating vegetables. In all my confusion I had some broccoli tonight and figured that should keep everyone happy.

Tomorrow goals/schedule
-730 am wake up, pick recipes and make grocery list.
-9-10 am run with group in the morning
- yoga or weight train. 11-12 gentle yoga or 12-1 foundations. or gym time
-clean up house, laundry, continue packing,
-make dinner 6pm

Monday, May 16, 2011

both of these photos look ridiculous

I am having one of those post exercise chocolate moments. of course, rather than make a nice healthy dinner with the veggies I have in the fridge. I am using chocolate chips as a spoon for almond butter. yes that is dinner tonight. don't judge me. Of course in these photos I had prepared a nice healthy sushi hand roll but right now it is chocolate, you can't always be prepared. 
ok lid is on the almond butter I am taking control. 

todays workout: 9am- 6 mile run on Los Gatos Creek trail
                          6pm- spin class, the rain prevented a much desired ride outside
                         strength work- after spinning did sets of lunges, push ups, squats
                         and random machines then got bored and left. was distracted by
                         the new Oprah episode waiting at home on Tivo, oh and the chocolate. 

So many things to do before we leave for D.C in a week. Blah blah blah. 
I rented Love and Other Drugs from red box my plan is to throw it in and get to work on cleaning and packing. I have this strange attachment to having movies playing while I do housework, I never actually sit down and watch them but just to have something making noise at me. Occasionally I will get all smart and put on a good NPR program or podcast but the movie thing is soothing to me. Reminds me of my mother, when I was little she would say, 
"go pick out a good movie for us while we get this done"
I would sit my little legs in front of "uncle buck" or "the burbs" and fold big amounts of laundry.  maybe she was using it as a motivator to get us kids to help out around the house with cooking or cleaning. 
nonetheless I am sticking with this motivator.

goals for tomorrow
-go through old clothes create goodwill piles
-set aside clothes for the summer
-bike and swim 
-eat veggies

p.s a few weeks ago I took photos of myself in sports bra and shorts and plastered them around the house to get motivated around taking my healthy eating up a notch, the plan was to give it a real solid few months of increased strength training and really clean eating then taking new photos and comparing to see if it made any difference in toning me up. 
the pictures are in the kitchen and bathroom and are intended to remind me of my goals and motivate me but really all i do when i see them is think, "he you, you look good" as I reach for the chocolate. not working