Wednesday, July 20, 2011

this is my journal

I am the worst person to share ice cream with. I treasure out all the good chunks of brownie or cookie dough and leave just a swarm of cream. But this guy totally shares with me. and doesn't complain.

This was at big brothers wedding, it was beautiful, packed full, and went by so fast. I only have around two weeks left in this sticky city. I don't mean sticky as a judgment it really is just sticky. I find relief in ice cream. and spending a relaxing day pajama clad doing four loads of laundry watching inappropriate amounts of Dexter. I keep waiting for Dexter to jump out behind my closet with a syringe to stick into my neck but I don't really fit his profile of victims so I should be safe. My week tends to go like this- day out touring about, day in pretending I am busy. Is it creepy I have a crush on a tv character serial killer?

I have enjoyed the break but am really excited to get back to work. My tear ducts have been strangely loose the last few weeks, maybe the progesterone shot I had to get (which didn't work). I cried during a cooking show when the contestant got a good critique from the judge. Yesterday I started crying at the Smithsonian Imax about orphaned baby elephants and baby orangutans. And then on the metro coming home I cried to my husband and shouted out, "I miss Cafe Gratitude". I am sure he misses my job just as much as I do seeing how sane it keeps me. I miss a good sit down with my family at Cafe G.
the creepy part is most tearful moments end with a hearty chuckle because I am so alarmed by the tears.

what am I doing tomorrow? It is going to be 100 degrees. I will search out the cool in one of the many museums in this fabulous city (feeling bad for calling it sticky). I recently checked out at the Smithsonian a shiny diamond and blue stone clad diadem that Napoleon gave his first wife. Check it, I have been fantasizing about wearing it about, wearing it while I search recipes online in my over sized stained t-shirt, while I brush my teeth, talking on the phone. Remarking to my neighbors while on the elevator "oh this silly thing..." might I add this adoration of the gems is coming from a girl who barely gets a bra on by 4pm. 
 I am a master of the day dream. 
It may be hindering my focus.
Confession: my favorite parts of my educational summer has been seeing the diamonds and stones at the natural history museum and the first lady dresses at the american history museum. Especially Michelle Obama's  white Inaugural ball gown designed by Jason Wu, they even included the Jimmy Choo shoes she wore.  Don't worry my loose tear ducts were moved by this as well. 

 How is my training I ask myself?  oh crap. I am scared I am going to end up like some large squishy dork among all the skinny triathletes. Really though who cares about that, can I survive and finish in a less than embarrassing time... Husband is tired of having this conversation where I whine and he feels like he has to tell me I am crazy.  
i don't blame him. It is unattractive. and boring.
about 8 weeks..
 tonight I Googled pot roast, i know what it is, but I don't really know what it is. I got a really great diagram of a cow and where parts come from. I find it fascinating. 
Did i say we have this really silly distant dream of being farmers. Jeremy has been reading Joel Salatin's book, "The Sheer Ecstasy of Being  a Lunatic Farmer". Now he is all pumped on the idea. 
I think we should start small. 
maybe keeping a potted plant alive. or maybe not moving back and forth every six months....  
just saying.
this is my journal

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  1. Haha, that makes more sense. no worries, though, I got to see his poison ivy leg (no joke) and read about skiing vs. running which I really enjoyed. I did wonder how a guy could be so deep though with a comment like that! Apologize to your hub for me please.

    and now I'm on to read your stuff. can't wait.