Friday, June 24, 2011

bored much

 this is the result of a whole lot of time on my hands.

shower, exfoliate, shave, air dry hair, lunch, read, moisturize, makeup, lite blow out, straightener, play with bangs, martha, camera time, a little bit of self talk, and phone convo with mom.
pretty much my skin is going to look great at the end of this summer with all the time I have spent dry brushing and moisturizing.
 this schedule isn't me. I may be loosing it just a little bit.
I took the day off of exercise today. couldn't sleep at all last night. maybe even had a dream that I was in a singing competition against Gwyneth Paltrow. she won.

the rain here is strange, it doesn't do what rain is supposed to do. rather than shower the summer air and cool off the sidewalks it sorta just makes everything sticky as if the dryer didn't fully finish it's cycle and we are all just proceeding with the day a bit moist. moist is a gross word.

I made a reservation at Graffiato, Mike Isabella's new restaurant in d.c. Mike was on Top chef and I always kinda liked him. I am really excited because it doesn't seem like it is going to be ultra stuffy or anything, it is more moderate as far as price and a simple menu. We couldn't get in for a few weeks and it was either eat at 530 with the elderly or 1030 with the hipsters, I picked 530.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


whats under all that delicious mess of banana, blueberries, chia seeds, almond butter and jam?
a delicious higher protein oatmeal pancake. I love this recipe because it keeps me full for like 5 hours. I used to love this meal before work because I usually didn't have much time to take for lunch.

so yummy. woke up early with husband today for a run down to Teddy Roosevelt Island, we ran on the trail around the island twice and then back home for around 4.5 miles

when we got back, husband was rushing around trying to get ready for work fast so I made him a quick oatmeal topped  with all the goodness my pancake had. 

i finished his oatmeal with a good drizzle of honey. I have been eating every meal possible on my new plate. I don't think I will grow tired of it, every other plate option in our temporary housing is a bit drab.
I like to glam out my food with a pretty backdrop. 

the run this morning felt really great. I took yesterday a bit easy, I may have been over training myself lately. I just start to get panicked when thinking about the races I have signed up for and tend to go out and over do it on a run or ride. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

birthday, battle with Pro Bar, ingredient love

I am cross legged on the couch watching trashy tv and feeling ridiculously full of Brioche, Macaroons, Panini, and bites of cupcake. not much green in all that.
but hey its birthday day. and it has been really fun. workout in the morning, a trip to the spa, a massage, lunch at Patisserie Poupon and now a afternoon snooze in my P.J's gearing up for dinner tonight.
On my way home from lunch I figured it would be fun to pick up some treats for dessert later tonight but
I couldn't decide what cupcake flavor to get and ended up with five different massive cupcakes from Baked and Wired in Georgetown. It is a shame all our friends are across the country because I have some serious sweets to share.
tonight husband and I are going to 2 Amy's for fancy pizza and then depending on my tummy space gelato and cupcakes back home.
all in all a fun day. I missed my mom and sister today. I thought of some of my favorite birthdays I have had and they usually involve family dates. I am so glad to have Jjana here she has really taken care of us. but I miss my siblings.
happenings lately,

Flowers from our sweet sister Jjana, and a big mixed pot of my homemade raw nut bar spiked with spirulina. My ownership in the kitchen has been threatened lately because husband has been buying these packaged bars called Pro Bar, and he loves them. Which is great except that is my place so I say step off Pro Bar.

I am just impressed with myself for busting these out in this tiny studio apartment kitchen, total broom closet.

I have been on this whole woe is me bit lately, it is really unattractive and I am recognizing it and snapping out of it. Sometimes just creating something and using my hands helps, to be able to make something so pretty and nutritious and for someone else I can't help but be present with the smells, the color and texture. This is why I love cooking so much, especially when it is for someone I love. Cooking has this magical quality to snap me to present moment. If I ever try to cook or create in the kitchen while stuck in some other story or drama it usually doesn't turn out very well. love just tastes better.

this plate is the product of a few tears followed by a walk through Georgetown with husband and a stop in at Anthro. I love how pretty it is
I should cry more often.

Friday, June 3, 2011

lunch, uneven calves, and a sore back

 Lunch today spinach salad
 strawberries, chick peas, cucs, bell peppers, with mustard vinaigrette (is that the right spelling?) and a dollop of Greek yogurt.
yummy and perfect.
it has been a weird week getting settled, i have this constant ache in my upper back and shoulder from the repeated trips I have had to take to the store for random house stuff. anyway each time I go I insist on packing everything into one bag and my purse than I trek it back to the metro holding these crazy heavy bags.
I have had to make these daily treks because we are going car less while here for the summer and it is totally doable but when you have to set up a house with the basics it is a bit of a challenge.
I keep saying this is the last trip this week, but then I discover that we don't have a shower curtain or any toilet paper.
cooking has been kinda like camping, I realize how spoiled I am with all my gadgets and toys back home.
-I just realized that I have this weird side muscle off of my calf on my right leg, it isn't on the left... hmm maybe I run strange. anyway totally spoiled, glad I packed the vita mix not sure what I would do without it.

training has been funny, we have an Olympic tri tomorrow so I have been tapering off this week for that and also because the bikes were in a box and I was just grooving back into life here. but the bikes are back in one piece, I got a new sports bra (that makes me look ever so perky), and I am feeling ready.
my birthday is coming up
I am putting together a rough training plan for the next four weeks, hopefully I will post that soon to keep myself accountable and going. now for stretching out my back for the race tomorrow.
boring post eh?