Friday, July 22, 2011

Graffiato Review


I am sitting in my workout clothes, shoes on, i pod in hand, water bottle ready and dreaming of the moment when I was devouring a nutella chocolate cookie at Graffiato, Mike Isabella's new digs in D.C
Word is his wife makes them and he brings them in all adorable style in the mornings. I picture a basket, but I am sure they have something more efficient.  Got me thinking... Rather than opening a place maybe I have a future in sourcing some sort of edible to a local restaurant.

 I loved the look of the place, clean, simple, woodsy but with modern metals. Small dishes Italian style, not pretentious just good. I loved the desert like plant in a tin can. simple detail.

The bread isn't included, and I wouldn't order it again. Good but you know it is bread. Must order the gnocchi, this gnocchi ruined any other experience I may have with gnocchi ever again. It was light and cloud like. Usually gnocchi is good because it is paired with a creamy great sauce, but even then it just ends up being way too heavy. This gnocchi was the tops.
Also order the chicken thigh with the oh so famous seen on Top Chef sauce that Gail Simmons was all giggly about. She was right.

Make sure to share the cookies and order the off the menu "secret" dessert zeppoles. A fluffy donut ball rolled in sugar that is good but not as good as the special feeling you get ordering off the secret menu. Really quite genius adding this element to a restaurant, the average eater like me can feel like bff's with a Top Chef.

does this look like an inappropriate relationship to a cookie or what. 

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