Tuesday, June 14, 2011

birthday, battle with Pro Bar, ingredient love

I am cross legged on the couch watching trashy tv and feeling ridiculously full of Brioche, Macaroons, Panini, and bites of cupcake. not much green in all that.
but hey its birthday day. and it has been really fun. workout in the morning, a trip to the spa, a massage, lunch at Patisserie Poupon and now a afternoon snooze in my P.J's gearing up for dinner tonight.
On my way home from lunch I figured it would be fun to pick up some treats for dessert later tonight but
I couldn't decide what cupcake flavor to get and ended up with five different massive cupcakes from Baked and Wired in Georgetown. It is a shame all our friends are across the country because I have some serious sweets to share.
tonight husband and I are going to 2 Amy's for fancy pizza and then depending on my tummy space gelato and cupcakes back home.
all in all a fun day. I missed my mom and sister today. I thought of some of my favorite birthdays I have had and they usually involve family dates. I am so glad to have Jjana here she has really taken care of us. but I miss my siblings.
happenings lately,

Flowers from our sweet sister Jjana, and a big mixed pot of my homemade raw nut bar spiked with spirulina. My ownership in the kitchen has been threatened lately because husband has been buying these packaged bars called Pro Bar, and he loves them. Which is great except that is my place so I say step off Pro Bar.

I am just impressed with myself for busting these out in this tiny studio apartment kitchen, total broom closet.

I have been on this whole woe is me bit lately, it is really unattractive and I am recognizing it and snapping out of it. Sometimes just creating something and using my hands helps, to be able to make something so pretty and nutritious and for someone else I can't help but be present with the smells, the color and texture. This is why I love cooking so much, especially when it is for someone I love. Cooking has this magical quality to snap me to present moment. If I ever try to cook or create in the kitchen while stuck in some other story or drama it usually doesn't turn out very well. love just tastes better.

this plate is the product of a few tears followed by a walk through Georgetown with husband and a stop in at Anthro. I love how pretty it is
I should cry more often.


  1. those bars look way better than any commercial bar out there. you should sell them so i can buy them for our mega training this summer.

  2. I have been playing with this recipe inspired from Cafe Gratitude raw cookbook mighty bar recipe and a few other raw bar recipes. I need to sit down and really write down what it is I put in it, every time it is different.