Friday, June 3, 2011

lunch, uneven calves, and a sore back

 Lunch today spinach salad
 strawberries, chick peas, cucs, bell peppers, with mustard vinaigrette (is that the right spelling?) and a dollop of Greek yogurt.
yummy and perfect.
it has been a weird week getting settled, i have this constant ache in my upper back and shoulder from the repeated trips I have had to take to the store for random house stuff. anyway each time I go I insist on packing everything into one bag and my purse than I trek it back to the metro holding these crazy heavy bags.
I have had to make these daily treks because we are going car less while here for the summer and it is totally doable but when you have to set up a house with the basics it is a bit of a challenge.
I keep saying this is the last trip this week, but then I discover that we don't have a shower curtain or any toilet paper.
cooking has been kinda like camping, I realize how spoiled I am with all my gadgets and toys back home.
-I just realized that I have this weird side muscle off of my calf on my right leg, it isn't on the left... hmm maybe I run strange. anyway totally spoiled, glad I packed the vita mix not sure what I would do without it.

training has been funny, we have an Olympic tri tomorrow so I have been tapering off this week for that and also because the bikes were in a box and I was just grooving back into life here. but the bikes are back in one piece, I got a new sports bra (that makes me look ever so perky), and I am feeling ready.
my birthday is coming up
I am putting together a rough training plan for the next four weeks, hopefully I will post that soon to keep myself accountable and going. now for stretching out my back for the race tomorrow.
boring post eh?

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