Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dear running group

Dear running group-
I bet you miss me, I miss you guys!
I have been in a bit of limbo lately with my training first with packing up, then visiting SLC and fam, and finally D.C training has been a bit scattered but i have been able to get out to run. That is the best part of running  you can just throw your shoes (or feet) on and go. I ran with one of my most very favorite running partners in the whole world, my mom. We ran twice one 5 miler ish and one 4.5 ish, we even got in some strength training at the gym. It felt so good to be running at home with the Wasatch looming lovely and majestic. I also went to one spin class while in Utah which wasn't my favorite class, husband loved it, but it was good to get some sit time on the bike.

Mom and I before our run, isn't she beautiful
We flew in on our anniversary so husband planned a night out in the country at a Bed and breakfast in Virginia. I wrote a bit about it and will post later, so charming. Friday morning we drove to D.C to stay with husbands sister Jjana and her husband Cliff (this is one of those confusing, husband sister uncle neighbor moments). They are super sweet to let us crash in the middle of their busy lives. We will be settling in our apartment next Tuesday ish. Seems like ish is becoming too much a part of my vocab lately, maybe it is because my life is sort of one big ish. we are moving here ish? we are training for races ish, I eat healthy ish (four cookies later), we live in California ish,  I work here ish...

When we got in on Friday to D.C Jjana, husband and I went for a run. They live right in Capital hill area so we ran to the capital ran down the mall to the Washington monument and back. Just like one of those end of the world movies as we were running back a thick dark cloud started to descend over the monuments and the wind began swirling up dust and water from the Washington Monument rushing toward the capital. The clouds were amazingly rich and black moving quickly towards us we started to run faster because we knew we were going to get drenched. In dramatic fashion the wind picked up and a giant branch fell off a tree right onto the sidewalk, no one was hurt but it definitely matched the scene of it all. Then the rain came from all sides hard and fast, we were laughing so hard as we ran back up Independence Ave back to the apartment. By the time we got home we were soaked. So fun, I love the adrenaline matched with running in the rain, feels like a survivor game.
Run- 4 miles? with 50 push ups and some bench dips before the storm scared us off.

Then Saturday morning I thought of my ladies as I ran 9.2 miles around D.C as they were probably running at exactly the same time around our favorite reservoir run in Los Gatos.
My route I ran down Independence Ave to the national mall ran past the capital, the Washington monument, stopped at Lincoln said my thanks, ran left on the path along the water front across the 14th street bridge ran along the water on the Virgina side back across the Memorial Bridge past Lincoln, Washington, Capital and back home.
Best moment on my run was when I stopped at the Lincoln monument for a breather and a old biker guy with a long gray beard, sweet leather jacket (in 85 degrees?) asked me in a gentle voice,
 "are you ok honey?"
 I didn't think I looked that bad and not sure if he wanted to talk about the serious inner leg chaffing I was dealing with only two miles into it all. But hey maybe I should of mentioned it perhaps he rides around on his hog with some Vaseline just in case lonely big legged runners are in need. I just responded,
"oh yeah I am doing great"
Not as sticky and humid as I thought it was going to be. Oh no! i started writing about weather, time to end the post.
inspired by the bikers who are riding in the freedom ride this weekend, I am sporting my half stretch half check out my guns look. but really this photo just makes me think that I need a new sports bra.
oh crap now you are all looking at my  boobs. 

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  1. you are hilarious. at least you have the boobs to need a sports bra. 4 nursing babes and being at the tail end of number 4 is wreaking havoc in that department. i dread the day i am all the way off nursing.