Wednesday, May 18, 2011

loser, oven timing, tummy pain, and to do's

love biggest loser so addicting. this group has had insane results and i find myself starting to get competitive with them. sometimes I want there to be a biggest loser ranch for those of us who only have ten pounds to go. or whatever really I just want to go to a place where all i do is workout and play fun obstacle course like games. and maybe throw in a spa treatment here and there.

Cooking tip for the day! never make a dinner where all your dishes revolve around the oven. An obvious right?... you would think after Culinary school, cooking many a dinner for people I wouldn't do this to myself.
I did it tonight, I was cooking dinner for five people not really a large group or a fancy occasion but every time I feed people I just feel this need/urge to make it nice, even though the eaters of this dinner probably had no concept of how good it really was. husband gets it. that is always nice.
I made very healthy dishes a kale salad, roasted sweet potato, tri tip roast (wow I know my first solo beef cooking experience). and chocolate dipped strawberries for dessert.
 but I always tend to overeat, I need to stop getting myself to that uncomfortable point of I am going to burst. It kinda ruins the meal, but i just keep doing it. any solutions universe?

workout today-
6 mile run in the morning with Jen, relaxed run on creek trail. took an hour or something. I didn't pay attention to pace just enjoyed being out with a friend.

Strength- I heart kettle bells! 45 minute circuit.
kettle bell one arm swing, kettle bell wide squat with shoulder raise thing,  pushups, lunges with curls and shoulder press, bicep curls,  up down planks on bosu ball, pull up machine, bench dips, and quad extension machine.
rotated through these exercises with some order. hit most of them for three sets. felt pretty bad ass.

Guess what is still on my to do list...
that is for tomorrow. but hey I haven't missed any workouts.
tomorrow training- sprint/ speed work on treadmill and body pump  in the morning. A long bike ride with husband in the afternoon.

these have been the most boring posts ever and really kinda terrible writing. but there is a sort of liberating feeling that I am not writing for anyone but myself.
p.s going to Chez Panisse for dinner on Friday!!! Anniversary/birthday/  I saved up the money and we are going.
ugh my tummy hurts, that will teach me to overeat on chocolate covered strawberries.

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  1. yes! I have always secretly wanted to be on the biggest loser too and thought they should have one for fit (or somewhat fit!) people! really, I just want a personal trainer telling me what to do.