Monday, May 16, 2011

both of these photos look ridiculous

I am having one of those post exercise chocolate moments. of course, rather than make a nice healthy dinner with the veggies I have in the fridge. I am using chocolate chips as a spoon for almond butter. yes that is dinner tonight. don't judge me. Of course in these photos I had prepared a nice healthy sushi hand roll but right now it is chocolate, you can't always be prepared. 
ok lid is on the almond butter I am taking control. 

todays workout: 9am- 6 mile run on Los Gatos Creek trail
                          6pm- spin class, the rain prevented a much desired ride outside
                         strength work- after spinning did sets of lunges, push ups, squats
                         and random machines then got bored and left. was distracted by
                         the new Oprah episode waiting at home on Tivo, oh and the chocolate. 

So many things to do before we leave for D.C in a week. Blah blah blah. 
I rented Love and Other Drugs from red box my plan is to throw it in and get to work on cleaning and packing. I have this strange attachment to having movies playing while I do housework, I never actually sit down and watch them but just to have something making noise at me. Occasionally I will get all smart and put on a good NPR program or podcast but the movie thing is soothing to me. Reminds me of my mother, when I was little she would say, 
"go pick out a good movie for us while we get this done"
I would sit my little legs in front of "uncle buck" or "the burbs" and fold big amounts of laundry.  maybe she was using it as a motivator to get us kids to help out around the house with cooking or cleaning. 
nonetheless I am sticking with this motivator.

goals for tomorrow
-go through old clothes create goodwill piles
-set aside clothes for the summer
-bike and swim 
-eat veggies

p.s a few weeks ago I took photos of myself in sports bra and shorts and plastered them around the house to get motivated around taking my healthy eating up a notch, the plan was to give it a real solid few months of increased strength training and really clean eating then taking new photos and comparing to see if it made any difference in toning me up. 
the pictures are in the kitchen and bathroom and are intended to remind me of my goals and motivate me but really all i do when i see them is think, "he you, you look good" as I reach for the chocolate. not working

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  1. the burbs!! LOVE THAT MOVIE!!

    and I always have npr on in the background too. it's nice to have smart noise coming at me.