Tuesday, May 17, 2011

conscious eater

this was the moment today after my two workouts when I was pushing it on energy, so hungry!
i was craving some of this
seed topped oat and amaranth bread i made a while back for friends

But instead I made salad, lame. If only baked goods made themselves. 

 todays workout
-Planned on a bike ride outside but too rainy so at 10:15 am 1 hour spin class heart rate range 65% to 85% with an average of 75%, tough class I felt strong but wished i could have been outside
- after I met husband at the pool for a swim outside in the cold pool, he forgot his suit so I was on my own. Jumped in noticed a little team or group doing a workout written on a white board. I felt too lazy to create my own practice so I stole theirs. Felt great I love how quiet swimming is, some of the best alone time.
2,200 yards roughly 40 to 45 minutes

I have been reading more lately about Paleo diets, and I hesitate to say the word "diet" because those suck. but really more so a shift or change in what I usually eat.  kinda a major shift actually because of the little detail  around increasing my protein and not eating as much grain. not sure what i think...
The last few years I have been eating a mostly vegetarian/vegan diet. But haven't totally claimed or identified with those labels because who wants to be put in a box. Sometimes I call myself a conscious eater. or maybe a Michael Pollanite if there is such a thing.
With my  recent reading and exploration I have discovered  vegan, raw, paleo whatever it may be all stress real food, whole food sources, staying away from processed food and eating vegetables. In all my confusion I had some broccoli tonight and figured that should keep everyone happy.

Tomorrow goals/schedule
-730 am wake up, pick recipes and make grocery list.
-9-10 am run with group in the morning
- yoga or weight train. 11-12 gentle yoga or 12-1 foundations. or gym time
-clean up house, laundry, continue packing,
-make dinner 6pm

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