Monday, May 23, 2011

catch up

some of the sweet treats I participated in over the weekend

I am sitting on my carpet in all my mess of packing and cleaning and finding the great distraction in blogging. Also I smell a skunk, our kitchen window is open and we have a skunk friend who has run in's with the local cats. occasionally I will hear a crazy cat noise, a sign of some sort of a animal scuffle.
I ate way too much sweets and processed junk the last few days (ok, maybe weeks) and am super excited at the prospect of reeling it in. I need a serious food makeover. It has been a good day to feel the head ache, the bloat, and the lack of energy. it brings me back to my love of healthy eats.
I would like to set up some goals/game plan for my time in D.C, I don't want a repeat of last summer (china + 10lbs). I also need to get my head on for the travel we have coming up. San Jose to Salt Lake City for three days then to D.C for the summer. blah just feel so crappy.
Oh I almost forgot! We went to Chez Pannise in Berkeley this weekend, oh what a dream. I will have to post all about it- ah mazing.
here we are at chez pannise

Quick Training catch up of the last few days, For Friday I biked to the gym- forty minutes distance ?
got to the gym early so jumped on spin bike for 20 minutes did intervals

1 hour pilates reformer class, and then biked home- the shorter route because of I knew I was running longer on saturday.

Saturday- 12.3 mile run around the reservoir with husband, Jen (birthday girl), and Kathryn. Last running group hurrah before we are D.C bound for the summer. Felt great. my muscles were sore from body pump and this weeks training, but once I warmed up it was good.
Sunday- day off!

after our 30 mile ride on Thursday. i look like a ghost with my SPF 70


  1. Mallory, my friend! How are you lady? I don't know if you remember me saying how much I hate running but I do hate it. Yet, I somehow agreed to do a 10k with my family next Saturday. Ugh! I thought you would appreciate that.

  2. I think I remember you saying you hate it. The problem with races is they are so much fun that you start thinking maybe I can do another one... maybe I actually like running? that happened to me. now I am a fool and I run for fun.